Ponderings from Pluto

My name’s C.F. Twob, and welcome to this blog Ponderings from Pluto!

Yeah, yeah, I know the International Astronomical Union voted in 2006 to demote Pluto to minor planet status. Whatever. To me, it is and will always be a planet. Pluto takes about 248 years to travel around that fiery angry ball called the sun, except that from Pluto’s surface the sun is a small bright point of light in the sky–when it’s not being blocked by Charon, one of three Plutonian moons (Nix and Hydra being the others). A day on Pluto is about six earth-days in length. In other words, if a new day started on Pluto on a Sunday, it would take until Saturday for the next day to begin. If my calcuations are right, a year on Pluto consists of 15,086 “days”. That would be a calendar to see, wouldn’t it?

That being said, Ponderings from Pluto is a satirical look at our world where everything is subject to being viewed from an outrageous, comical perspective. The idea is that this form of satire seems so absurd it could’ve only been conceived from a pondering on tiny distant Pluto. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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