LifeLock CEO divulges even more personal information to prove company’s security against ID theft

By C.F. Twob
PFP staff writer

LifeLock CEO Todd Davis has taken his company’s identity theft protection services even further.

Davis, famous for the TV, print, radio and internet ads that proudly proclaim that his social security number is 457-55-5462, now is so confident in his business’s ability to protect its customers from ID theft that he’s divulging even more information.

In an exclusive to Ponderings from Pluto, Davis is now revealing the following:

His bank account numbers: Primary National Bank of America #6478-998-77, #7940-796-59, #6545-465-75 and #1038-948-70

His mother’s maiden name: Snodgrass

His blood type: U-Negative

His home phone number: 512-554-0000

His birthday: February 6, 1970

Davis also offered to disclose his DNA code, but that would’ve crashed PFP’s web server due to the billions of lines of content.

“I am so confident in LifeLock’s ability to protect from identity theft that I freely share this personal information about myself,” Davis said. “We back our claims with a $1 million guarantee.”


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