Flamboyant designer Bobby Trendy outed—as a heterosexual

By C.F. Twob
PFP staff writer

Another celebrity has been outed, but it’s not exactly what you might be thinking.

Flamboyant designer Bobby Trendy, frequently seen on the now-defunct E! Network reality show The Anna Nicole Show, has been officially outed.

As being completely straight.

Trendy, the California-born Vietnamese-American with a penchant for dressing in drag, was caught on Friday kissing his girlfriend in the women’s bathroom at a McCoy’s building supply store in San Antonio, Texas. McCoy’s sells lumber, hammers, nails, axes, but nothing decorative that would appeal to the flamboyant Trendy (whose birth name is Nok Yu Trinh).

“I was quite embarrassed by what I saw,” said Rupert Polson, manager of the McCoy’s store in question. “Mr. Trendy had his hands all over the girl, and for a man who’s supposedly gay, he seemed very much to be enjoying himself.”

The girlfriend’s name has not been disclosed, but her first name is thought to be Amanda.

Veronica Judson, Trendy’s spokesperson, confirmed to Ponderings from Pluto that Trendy indeed is 100% heterosexual. “The whole gay flamboyance is just an act, one that sells an image that profits him hundreds of thousands of dollars annually,” Judson told PFP. “Bobby has grown very tired of having to hide his heterosexuality. He loves women and is sick of being in the closet.”

Judson added that Trendy likes to keep a low profile by hanging out at McCoy’s stores–ostensibly the last place in the world anyone would look to find a stereotypically-gay man.

So far, Howard K. Stern, the attorney and confidant of the late Anna Nicole Smith, has declined comment.


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