Gene Simmons’ dragon boots to get Nike Swoosh


In an exclusive marketing agreement, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has announced a five-year agreement to have the Nike swoosh logo on the sides of his dragon boots.

Simmons, co-founder of KISS, wears the dragon boots as part of his demon persona.

“I feel this is an excellent business partnership,” Simmons said in a statement. “I’d like to encourage our fans to ‘Just do it’ and attend our concerts and buy our merchandise.”


Simmons, a notorious non-drinker who did controversial ads for Miller Lite a few years ago, shrugged off accusations of the over-commercialization of KISS. “It’s just business,” he said. “Besides, I have guitar picks that are older than some of these critics of mine.”


3 Responses to Gene Simmons’ dragon boots to get Nike Swoosh

  1. Jason says:

    only you could come up with stories this kooky. you should do a conservative version of The Daily Show. You could call it “That Show with That Guy”.

  2. KISS says:

    NICE! Spoil the coolest boots ever created by putting advertisment on the side!

  3. Gary Gibbons :) says:

    LET ME BUY THEM !!!!!!

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