‘Longlegs’ the female spinoff of Longarm smutty western novels


Longarm, an ongoing of western novels that combine classical westerns with explicit sex, has announced a spinoff to the novel series that is targeted more towards female readers.

On February 14, 2010, a new series entitled “Longlegs” will be released.

Longarm is based in Colorado in the 1880s and focuses on the sexual and law enforcement exploits of U.S. Deputy Marshall Custis “Longarm” Long. While solving crimes, Longarm also finds time in each novel to bed a number of beautiful ladies. The details tend to be as cheesy as they are erotic.

“We’ve long had complaints that Longarm is sexist, so we decided to branch out and offer sexy western novels that women would love to read,” explained Longarm co-creator Lou Cameron.

Longlegs is based in Texas in the 1880s and is the story of Sadie “Longlegs” Longley, a 5’10” former whorehouse madame who becomes a sheriff to avenge the death of her longtime boyfriend. A long-legged, voluptuous strawberry blonde, Longlegs uses her feminine guiles to bed men, gather information and use that to not only bring criminals to justice, but also try to solve the death of her boyfriend, who at the time of his death was about to turn over state’s evidence regarding a murder in a gold mine.

Cameron hinted that in a few novels Longlegs and Longarm might meet but said their relationship would probably be a one or two-time affair and then evolve into one that’s almost exclusively professional.

“Yes, we will be giving explicit details as Longlegs beds men,” Cameron said. “While our female readers will enjoy seeing a female lead in the novel, the male readers will enjoy reading about Longlegs’ exploits.”

Those exploits, no doubt, will include Longarm’s notoriously-cheesy methaphors such as “large, fleshy globes” while the characters make corny comments in the midst of copulation.


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