Alex Van Halen leaks name of new Van Halen album, ‘Encore’

alex van halen drums

Alex Van Halen is, no doubt, excited about the upcoming Van Halen album.

Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen leaked the name of Van Halen’s new album, which would be their first new studio album in since the 1998 Van Halen III and their first in more than a quarter of a century with original frontman David Lee Roth. (The last Roth-era album was 1984, which has sold over 10 million copies).

The name? Encore.

“For years, people have been wanting to hear classic Van Halen,” said Alex, the older brother of guitarist Eddie Van Halen. “With Dave back in the mix, we tried to think of an appropriate name. Encore just seemed right.”

Other names the band considered were 2010 (due to its propensity towards numerical names), Yes, He 812 (a spoof of the Hagar-era album OU812), We’re Back! and Van Halen IV.

Alex added the band will head back into the studio later in the summer once Eddie returns from his honeymoon with Janie Liszewski.

“Ed has literally thousands of tapes of unreleased guitar riffs and songs, so with Dave’s vocals, we expect it shouldn’t take long to get the album made,” Alex added.

The album, of course, will feature Alex’s nephew and Eddie’s son Wolfgang on bass. It may also feature a bonus track of the guitar riff used in Back to the Future when Marty McFly–dressed as an alien–wakes his own father from a deep sleep.

Alex, an ordained minister who will officiate in the marriage of Eddie and Janie in June, said the album will be out in 2010.

van_halen band

The current Van Halen lineup: (left to right): Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen.


32 Responses to Alex Van Halen leaks name of new Van Halen album, ‘Encore’

  1. ourboy says:

    Haven’t they waited long enough to put out some new material? Sheesh. Giving “Gun’s N’ Roses” a run for their money.

    • Raymasaki says:

      yeah i know. ACDC 00 – 08
      Kiss 98 – 09 VH 98 – 09
      these Bands use to pump out New LP/CDs every yr
      every 2 years. the wait has been becoming longer & Longer even though most of these Bands
      claim to be “at their Best”

  2. […] A recent story “reported” Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen announcing the band’s new album would be called Encore. One reader wrote, “Haven’t they waited long enough to put out some new material?  Sheesh.  Giving “Gun’s N’ Roses” a run for their money.” […]

  3. […] Van Halen begins work on Encore, their first studio album since 1997, they will now do so with a new but familiar […]

  4. jon macvean says:

    i hope vanhalen encore has a few keyboard songs on it could he make them better than ill wait and jump this will be interesting i also hope they do box set unreleased studio songs david lee roth era b sides live tracks unreleased gary cherone 2nd vanhalen studio album studio album leftovers from all albums

  5. Great says:


  6. Mark Stone says:

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Since October 14, 2007. When I last saw Eddie. With my bro, Ben.

    I am SO happy, Ed. Thank you.

  7. Lance says:

    I think if they use the guitar riff from Back to the Future on the new CD it should be titled something like ‘Flux Capicitor’. Can’t wait for the recording to come out.

    Lance in Iowa

  8. Lance says:

    Hey, isn’t Mark Stone Van Halen’s bass player back when they were Mamoth (before Anthony joined)?


  9. Raymasaki says:

    sorry i meant to say new Van Halen
    2010, for their new CD.
    im Really looking forward to it.

  10. Dan says:

    Just a thought, but [.] [.]’s Up! is a better title than alien tits with 3 nips […] […] as a previous post had suggested.

  11. Dan says:

    I hope the new CD is packed full of really good tunes and that the band is inspired to release a new CD every year for the next 20+ years.. only dreaming here. Maybe if some ego’s shrink and chips knocked off shoulders, then it may allow Michael Anthony to shred alongside Wolfgang because background vocals really need Michael’s highs to make the songs sound like true Van Halen and maybe David & Sammy could work together & take turns on the best songs that fit them and sing together on a song to see how it sounds if a song would ever call for both their voices. With everyone in the band getting along and having fun, then they may be inspired to make a lot of really good music because this sad world these days really needs some really good Van Halen hits. Now that would be Super Van Halen and I bet the world economy would recover just because people would be happy and many other bands would follow suit and release good 80’s style rock when times were fun and less complicated.

  12. Frankie J. says:

    “ENCORE” what a great name for the new Van Halen CD in 2010! The name
    sounds giant and has attitude just like the first Van Halen version of the
    band. I read that the angel kid from 1984 might be used but as an older
    version on the cover art. I hope they get Margo Nahaz to do the new artwork.
    She did the original and it would have a genuine feeling to it.
    The Back to the Future guitar solo is so awesome that it should open up the
    new CD! With David Lee Roth back, these boys can do no wrong.
    My only wish would be to put Wolfgang on rhythm guitar and bring Michael
    Anthony back for bass and those awesome vocals. It would be great if they
    use Sammy Hagar as the opening act on the next tour! Maybe he can join
    Eddie on stage for a few Van Hagar songs while Dave has a cigarette and
    babe break backstage!-Frankie J.

  13. Javier says:

    The new album should be called “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”. These
    guys love sitting around and doing nothing. Eddie talks about all this great
    music he has. I hope he likes it ’cause he’s the only one that seems to
    enjoy it! Enough with all the top secret music and the let’s sit on our butts
    for 3 or 4 years attitude. David Lee Roth released more albums on his own
    than the VH Bros. did with Hagar.

  14. EDDIE BERG says:

    it had been dreamed by me months ago that the new van halen w/david lee roth album [cd i know i’m old] would trigger the apocalypse can 2012 be moved up? can the cubs win the world series BTTF2!! nostradamus fortold of the 4 horsemen dave,eddie,alex, and wolfgang!! [i know sammy and mike still rock on their own] its the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!! can we update the “hot for teacher” video with the new scandals? wow!!!!

  15. donnie d says:

    wow frankie j has a great idea, hopefully the sober, more spiritual EDDIE would agree to something like that.In a perfect world.As much as i agree that dave is the man, dude the sammy years kept me sane. But whatever comes of this ” the cradle will rock”. peace bitches.

  16. […] main factor for the split. Reportedly, in one recording session for the band’s upcoming album Encore, Dave was so off-key that he shattered the three-inch thick plexiglas window that separates the […]

  17. Jackhammer_5150 says:

    Should do A full tour with Gary (1st set) Sammy & Mike (2nd set) and Dave and Wolfie (3rd set) Than all three singers get up at the end of the show and jam Zepplin and Hendrix tunes. CALL THE TOUR THREE HEADS ARE BETTER THAN NONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. john says:

    when will the album come out

  19. Andri Kenduy says:

    Siip lah Pokona Album anyar Van Halen pastina, di antosan ku Abdi. Bravooo …………… Van Halen

  20. john says:

    i wonder what month this year it will come out the new album

  21. john says:

    what month will the album come out in

  22. ron says:

    they need to get mikie back no ones wants to hear wolfie sheeshget mikie back.come on

  23. vicky says:

    i love wolfie, he’s cute, but van halen is no van halen without roth. I doubt the ‘van halen’ in their new album

  24. […] to get too excited because I remember Alex Van Halen saying that they would have a new cd called “Encore” out last summer. But hey, sometimes things take longer than we […]

  25. RAndal says:

    it is what it is

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