Tobin Bell leaks details of ‘Saw VI’


Tobin Bell apparently is getting tired of making Saw movies. These movies revolve around a mechanical engineer who creates elaborate traps for his victims to try to escape in an effort to teach them to value their own lives.

Bell’s character actually died in the third movie, but he’s slated to be in the sixth film. In an exclusive interview with Ponderings From Pluto, Bell leaked some plot details.

Ponderings From Pluto: Mr. Bell, are you tired of doing Saw films?

Tobin Bell: To be honest, yes. My agent got me a great deal on the licensing side, so I’ve actually made more money off the merchandise sales than from the movies themselves. The concept was great at first, but now it seems to be dragging along.

PFP: What’s been the most tiresome for you?

TB: I’ve done stage work, have been in more than 80 films and have recently gotten into executive producing, but when people recognize me on the streets, they start talking like Saw and quoting lines from the film. I appreciate the fans, but it gets frustrating.

PFF: Will this be your last Saw film?

TB: I think so. I jokingly told the producers that the only way I’d do this is if I could have the directors, producers and writers play themselves, find themselves in elaborate traps and find they can only escape the gruelling traps if they promise not to make another Saw film.

PFB: Is it true you’re actually not a big horror film fan?

TB: Yes. I’ve done the Saw films because the story line was intriguing. It’ll take some intriguing story lines and a lot of money for me to appear in more horror films.


2 Responses to Tobin Bell leaks details of ‘Saw VI’

  1. Sebastian Mehenka says:

    This has to be a joke, right? I guarantee 100% Tobin Bell did not say this. Ever watch an interview with him? He signed for a seventh film. It was a nice try but you went WAY overboard on making this seem like Tobin Bell hates his own franchise. Game Over.

  2. Heather Zack says:

    I totally agree with Sebastian, No WAY did Tobin Bell EVER Say any of this.. WE AS the fans KNOW What Tobin says and his reactions and it all, WE KNOW He’d never say anything like that.. There’s no way he’d get frustrated and that he’s TIRED OF SAW?! you’re so full of it it’s not funny.

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