Wil Wheaton to play villain in next season of 24


Wil Wheaton, who co-starred with Kiefer Sutherland in the movie Stand By Me, once again will co-star with Sutherland.

Wheaton will play an apparent American Muslim terrorist in the upcoming season of 24, which will be the show’s eighth day and season.

“My character is an American who converts to Islam and then tries–unsuccessfully–to launch a nuclear strike that destroys Washington D.C., including the White House,” Wheaton explained. “Jack Bauer then has to track me down. But what he doesn’t realize is I’m actually a non-Islamic, undercover rogue Mossad agent who’s trying to launch a nuclear strike against Mecca.”

Wheaton added that because he has dark hair and eyes, he feels he could pass convincingly for an Israeli operative.

He added: “Kiefer and I respect each other, and I joked with him that the scenes where I fight him and land a lot of good punches will be payback for the way he tormented me during the filming of Stand By Me.”

The new season of 24 is expected to begin in January.


2 Responses to Wil Wheaton to play villain in next season of 24

  1. […] previously reported here, Wheaton will play an American Muslim who’s actually a rogue Israeli Mossad agent […]

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