Cash-strapped former Detroit Mayor to pose for Playgirl


Disgraced ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick still owes the city of Detroit more than $900,000 in financial restitution, and he now has a way to pay the city in full in a hurry.

Kilpatrick will pose nude in the November issue of Playgirl magazine.

The former mayor will appear in about 12 photos, including the centerfold, his nudity on full display. He also plans to give an interview detailing his sex life and his thoughts on no longer being mayor—questions he can legally answer.

“We’ve seen the photos, and they are beautiful and tastefully done,” Kilpatrick’s attorneys told Ponderings from Pluto. “They are not exploitive in any way. We see this photo spread as a win-win: women are getting to see a beautiful male body while Mr. Kilpatrick’s using the proceeds to pay what he still owes to Detroit.”

Kilpatrick resigned from office following scandals involving lurid text messages that proved he’d perjured himself by lying about his relationship with his former chief of staff and lying about not being involved in the firing of a whistle-blowing police officer. Kilpatrick spent a few months in jail, took a new job in Texas and was ordered to repay Detroit a million dollars in restitution.

Recently, Kilpatrick’s attorneys had told the court he was only able to afford six dollars a month of the $6,000 he was supposed to pay in monthly restitution. At this rate, the estimated $970,000 in restitution would be paid off in approximately 13,472 years—assuming no interest is added.

Nobody from Kilpatrick’s camp is saying how much he’s getting paid for the photos and interview except that it will allow the former mayor to pay off his debt to the Motor City.

“We wanted to put this behind us and get the restitution paid as quickly as possible,” Kilpatrick’s attorneys said. “There’s always the possibility President Barack Obama will pardon Mr. Kilpatrick, and if that does happen we would seek to have any restitution reimbursed.”


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