Congresswoman Jackson Lee requests posthumous pardon for Jacko


Sheila Jackson Lee

U.S. House representative Sheila Jackson Lee has submitted paperwork to President Barack Obama officially requesting a pardon for Michael Jackson.

Lee, who’s not related to the King of Pop, asked Obama to pardon Jacko for any “crimes of inappropriateness” the singer may have committed against children.

Jackson died June 25 at 50. Pending toxicology results, his exact cause of death is still under investigation.

“I feel it would be best for us as a nation to forgive and forget,” Lee said in an exclusive interview with Ponderings from Pluto. “Michael Jackson was a flawed human being, which is human nature and not unlike the rest of us, but he also did much good. I know some think of him as both bad and as a smooth criminal, and it’s my hope that the few things he allegedly did wrong don’t overshadow the many good things he did.”

Lee represents Houston in the 18th Congressional District.

The congressman compared Jackson’s posthumous pardon to the pardon disgraced president Richard Nixon received once he left office. This pardon would protect Jackson’s estate against any future lawsuits brought about by children alleging molestation or any other inappropriate activities by the singer.

“Just in case these P.Y.T.’s—pretty young things—want to be starting something,” Lee added.

When asked why she kept referring to Jackson’s hits in her comments, the congresswoman replied it was her way of protesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shelving legislation that would’ve recognized the singer’s contributions to pop music.

Reports over the years have varied, with Jackson being acquitted in one case and settling out of court in two civil cases. Accusations include Jackson trying to get children to drink wine, which he called “Jesus Juice” and playing a game called “Rubba” with young boys. One accuser reportedly described Jackson’s genitalia in startling detail.


Michael Jackson


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