‘Manimal’ to be available on DVD

If you were a fan of campy 1980s action shows on NBC, there’s good news.

That’s because the network is planning to release its short-lived 1983 sci-fi drama Manimal on DVD.

The show featured U.K. actor Simon MacCorkindale, who played a scientist who used his lycanthropic skills of changing from man to animal to help fight crime.

The show’s cheesiness earned it a spot on TV Guide’s “50 Worst TV Shows of All-Time” list.

“We’ve been receiving lots of calls, letters, e-mails and even a few death threats over people who were diehard Manimal fans,” said NBC spokesperson Saul Aaronson. “They call themselves ‘Fanimals’. Some like to dress like one of the animals on the show. One man sent a photo of himself, dressed as a lion, leading away another person in handcuffs. So we figured, why not?”

Because the show only lasted eight episodes, Aaronson says it won’t be expensive to put it onto DVD—especially since nobody who produced, wrote, directed or acted in the show seems interested or willing to do interviews, provide commentary or appear in any DVD special features. MacCorkindale, who lives in Great Britain with wife Susan George, apparently prefers to work these days with real animals on his and his wife’s horse farm.

The complete series of Manimal is expected to be released on DVD in Fall 2010 through distributor Anchor Bay.


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