Officials focus on deadly serial ‘cereal’ killer


A rash of murders have taken place across Texas, and officials are asking your help in apprehending the serial killer.

Police haven’t identified the murderer, but he has claimed eight victims so far. Three in San Antonio, two in Houston and three more in Corpus Christi.

Each victim has been discovered face-down in a plate filled with eggs, bacon and toast. Placed next to the victims’ heads, near where their milk or orange juice are, is a brand-new box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Written on the box are five initials.

Authorities are declining to identify the initials at this time out of fear a copycat killer will arise and make it even more difficult to capture whom they’re now dubbing the “Cereal Killer”.

It was thought that each victim died from apparently choking on their food, presumably at gunpoint, but autopsies revealed they were strangled; moreover, their stomach contents showed they hadn’t even started eating yet.

“Because the victims’ bodies have been found with their heads buried in what most would surmise as breakfast, we have determined they died sometime in the morning,” said FBI spokesperson Robert Bulgerson. “Which morning is anyone’s guess, along with why he chooses bland Corn Flakes instead of my personal favorite, Honey-Nut Cheerios.”

The spokesperson added that Cheerios are “Part of this good breakfast.”

Police departments for San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi have referred questions to the FBI, and so far questions have arisen:

What do the killer’s victims have in common?

Why is he killing them?

Does he kill them while they’re eating breakfast or does he elaborately recreate a morning meal?

Is this serial killer committing these horrible crimes because he simply is excited by the cereal killer pun?

One source in the Corpus Christi Police Department did say two of their victims also had breakfast tacos on their plates.

If you have any tips or information on this crime, please contact the FBI at


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