Jeweler/infomercial king Santo Gold to become ‘Santo Silver’


In the Santo Gold versus Santogold right, it appears the King of Bizarre Infomercials won.

After waging a successful battle against musician Santogold to make her change her professional name, jeweler and infomercial king Santo Gold has announced he will soon be known professionally by a new name.

Santo Silver.

“It’s simpler this way, since even though I technically won my battle and forced her to change her name, I don’t think people really take me seriously,” said the soon-to-be Artist Formerly Known As Santo Gold in an exclusive interview with Ponderings from Pluto. “I think having had a criminal record and having served time for fraud worked against me.”

It was frustrating news for singer/songwriter Santi White, who had performed professionally as Santogold but changed her name to Santigold in February after a threat of legal action by Santo Gold.

“I wish that crazy man would just make up his mind and focus his ‘talents’ on dime-store jewelry,” White said in a statement.


Santigold’s self-titled debut album when she was known as Santogold

Santo Gold (a.k.a. Santo Rigatuso and Bob Harris) still holds the rights to Santo Gold and says he’s grown very fond of his new name. He chose to change the name because of all the negative backlash from his threat of legal action and because it represents a break from his criminal past.


Santo Gold wows the crowd during a performance.

“Santo Silver has a nice ring to it,” he explained, wearing 75 pounds worth of silver necklaces and rings to go with his trademark white suit and mirror aviator sunglasses. “Silver looks a lot like platinum, so for me, it’s even better to wear than gold.”

“Santo Silver” is still looking for executive producers and distributors for his long-awaited cult classic sci-fi/horror/comedy Blood Circus, which, he claims, has been found after having been presumed for two decades.

“This movie, mark my words, will become the next Rocky Horror Picture Show,” he said.


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