Without having ‘all the facts’ Obama weighs in on other issues

After claiming he didn’t have “all the facts” earlier this week and then saying the Cambridge (Mass.) Police Department “acted stupidly” during a confrontation with his friend and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., President Barack Obama has decided to lend his limited expertise to other areas also.

On Friday, fresh off Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle’s perfect game, Obama phoned White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to give him advice on his team.

“I don’t have all the facts, but I don’t think you should’ve sent Carlos Torres back to the minor leagues when Bartolo Colon came off the disabled list,” Obama reportedly told Guillen.

“Mr. President, you do realize I played baseball at the major-league level for 16 years, have managed for more than five years and have a World Series ring, right?” Guillen replied.

Obama then called Air America talk show host Lionel and advised him on how to better perform his radio talk show.

“I don’t have all the facts, but I think you should stop saying ‘Quote…unquote’ when quoting someone on the air,” Obama told the broadcaster. “After all, this is radio and not print journalism.”

“You do understand, Mr. President, we do the ‘quote unquote’ thing so listeners know when we’re quoting someone and when we’re just reading the news or conveying our own thoughts, right?” Lionel responded.

Talking to reporters today, Obama talked about American-Russian relations. “I don’t have all the facts, but I think President Ronald Reagan was short sighted and wrong to insist on having a missile defense shield. After all, I don’t think we’ll ever have the technology for it. It’s straight out of a Star Wars movie.”

One reporter then asked an unscripted question: “Mr. President, if President Reagan was wrong to initiate and develop the Strategic Defense Initiative and if a missile defense system isn’t scientifically possible, why were the Russians so insistent on him getting rid of it?”

Obama declined to answer the reporter, saying he gives out only the answers contained in his teleprompter screen.


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