Creditor Clown endorses Dayne Walling for Flint Mayor

He’s kept a low profile lately due to all the physical abuse he’s received at the hands of Legal Helpers, but Creditor Clown is back with a message.

He wants you to vote for Dayne Walling for Flint mayor.


“When I look at Dayne Walling, I see a man whose wisdom can help people in Flint overcome their financial problems,” said Creditor, wearing his clown suit, makeup and trademark inflatable bat.

The clown is often seen on television, taking away people’s cars and houses if they don’t pay the past-due money they owe. Last time we saw him, he was teaching students how to shake down people in foreclosures, repossessions and, as he put it, “wage gar’ishment”!

Eric Martin from Legal Helpers might get the better of him, but Creditor wants people in mid-Michigan to know that Walling is the man who can help Flint overcome its deficit and again achieve financial solvency.

The clown even hinted that those who vote for Walling may even get a break from their financial problems.

“In this economy, they’re bound to appreciate that,” he said.


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