Pensacola Christian College to receive accreditation, will become Pensacola Christian University

Long resistant to accreditation, Florida-based private Christian college Pensacola Christian College has announced plans for accreditation.

The accreditation, which will become effective in 2012, will be through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. PCC will then become known as Pensacola Christian University, or PCU, for short.

“We’ve resisted this for a long time but now feel it is the Lord’s leading,” said PCC’s vice president of public affairs, Dr. Joel Mullenix.

Mullenix said the president and founder, Dr. Arlin Horton, made the decision after much prayer and council. “He feels it is needed for the college to continue expanding and meeting the needs of the modern Christian church,” Mullenix added.

The accreditation will also be retroactive for all degrees issued since 1995 and will be conditionally retroactive for all degrees issued before then. PCC degrees of graduates from 1994 and prior who have gone on to earn accredited bachelor’s or master’s degrees will have their PCC degrees accredited. All others must complete five credit hours at an accredited university or community college for their PCC degrees to officially be accredited.

Mullenix said PCC’s resistance to accreditation stemmed from a concern of government control, such as telling the college whom it could hire and what it could teach.

PCC’s decision to accreditate and become PCU has immediately been met with sharp resistance. Noted independent fundamental Baptist evangelist and blogger, Dr. Phil Armenik, minced no words on his blog denouncing PCC.

“This iz [sic] unbiblkul [sic], amen!” Armenik wrote. “Soon PCC will let womun [sic] ware [sic] britches and let thuh [sic] men groe [sic] fashul [sic] hair! Preachur [sic] boys will start worryin [sic] about exejesusus [sic] instead of preachin’, amen! Akreditashun [sic] means PCC and its folks are goin [sic] to hell!”

Armenik urged other Christians to boycott the new PCU and instead consider a place like Hyles-Anderson College.

PCC was founded in 1974.


27 Responses to Pensacola Christian College to receive accreditation, will become Pensacola Christian University

  1. Daniel says:

    How accurate is this. I haven’t heard anything about this. Do you have a source where I can read more about this.

  2. C.F. Twob says:

    Click on “About Ponderings from Pluto” and your question will be answered.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I don’t think this is funny at all. I actually believed this article at first. I went to this college and would really have loved for my degree to be accredited. But, I knew it was just too good to be true. Someone obviously has a little too much time on their hands if they have nothing better to do than write articles and post “news” that isn’t true in the slightest.

  4. richardzowie says:


    Please, relax. I also attended PCC and have had to deal with lots of headaches over the no accreditation (instead of starting off as an E-4 in the Army, I had to begin as an E-1, as if I’d never gone to college). If we don’t learn to make light of stressful situations, we will go crazy.

    I run this blog because it’s my way of trying to find something funny in a world that otherwise bores me to tears. Sorry, but Borat, Seth Rogen, Larry the Cable Guy, The Simpsons, et al, don’t do it for me. At all.


  5. This is a sick joke. No matter your feelings regarding PCC this is still a low and insincere blog post.

  6. Stephanie says:

    This is absolutely awful. Making it sound believable by having quotes from Mullenix and Horton, terrible, terrible thing. I accessed this straight from Google. How lovely. I really hope people won’t be tricked by this.
    So what if you’re bored in life, you dont need to get on the internet and LIE to innocent people about a CHRISTIAN institution.
    This FAKE NEWS is the good news that many of us former PCC students would hope for… so thanks, a lot, for that false hope. jerk.

  7. John says:

    Die you vile worm for making me believe, even for a few momments, that my four years of hard work could count for something.

  8. kellettgs says:

    I haven’t heard this anywhere else. And I know some informed people there. Anyways what are the sources etc. If it is true this is great

  9. Stephanie says:


  10. Tori says:

    For those of you who attended PCC, is it a waste of time for me to consider going there? I am really feeling lead to attended this school next year, but i just recently found out that its not accredited. What do you think?

    • anon says:

      Great school! Lots of fun and a great atmosphere.

      • Rebecca says:

        Dear Tori,

        I attended PCC for 4 years, and then went on to get a masters degree there.

        I LOVED IT at PCC!!!! It was the best place I could have gone to. It was Not a waste of time. 🙂 Sure, there are things to deal with, but you’ll find plenty of those no matter Where you go; that’s life.
        Especially if God is leading you there, you won’t be happier any where else!

        I hope you always follow God’s leading for your life above all else. 🙂

    • Ken says:

      Friend, if the Lord is calling you to PCC, then I’ll like to let you know that the Lord has given one of the best school you can ever be. But to tell you the frank truth, PCC is not for jokers. IF you are willing to do God’s will then I don’t think you have a better place to be than PCC. You won’t regret it!

    • Chelsea says:

      don’t go there. bad idea

  11. […] my satire blog, I posted about a year ago about how Pensacola Christian College is finally getting accredited and will become known as Pensacola Christian Universit. Again, 100% false. Readers have responded […]

  12. Edwina H. Sanders says:

    I’ve worked 29 years at Barry University, also a Chriatian Based Institution.
    When my grandson mentioned that he was considering your institution I immediately pointed out that he needed to check that your institution had Regional Accrediation. Regional Accreciation assures students that their degree will be acknowledged. In some instances undergraduates would find it difficult to continue into Graduate School if their undergrad degree was not from a Regional Accredited institution.
    The advantages that will be open to your students will far outweigh problems.

    Out of my career I worked 10 years in the Registrar’s Office at Barry and another 19 years in the Adult Education Division. It has always been heart breaking to tell potential student who were wanting to transfer into the Undergraduate Programs or enter our Graduate Programs that we could not accept their credits from a non Regional Accredited institution.

    Congratulations on your decision.

  13. CTLS says:

    Did Dr. Armenik get his Doctorate in Phonetic Spelling?

  14. Eura Llackewagenne says:

    Die you vile worm! Your prophetic foresight has come true. Dr. Horton announced in chapel today that PCC was becoming accredited.

  15. Kind of Bored says:


    The people who were all offended by this need to lighten up and smoke a bowl (of soup or something).

  16. Corey says:

    Hi just wanted to let everyone know that I have been attending PCC for 3 years and they finally announced to the student body today that they have applied for accreditation. They said it will take almost a year and a half but they are hoping to be fully accredited by then. And they actually will honor backed degrees but I think I heard only up to 7yrs. Anyways PCC is not my favorite place but it was affordible and it will be great if i graduate and 6months later my degree is accredited. Also they didnt say what kind of accreditation it is, regional, or national. So if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!

    – The PCC prisoner number 112528

  17. anAlumni says:

    What do y’all have to say now that it’s true? :D!!!

  18. Wow this is almost scary because now it is true. But it really doesn’t matter. The accreditation from TRACS is essentially meaningless PCC students don’t get your hopes up this really doesn’t change much for you.

  19. Amateurs Porns…

    […]Pensacola Christian College to receive accreditation, will become Pensacola Christian University « Ponderings from Pluto[…]…

  20. Kim says:

    Just spoke to someone In PCC’s academic office. The accreditation from TRAC’s cannot be retroactive. This means for all those who graduated before 2011, your degree is still unaccredited. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  21. Joseph Finn says:

    The state of Florida department of Education doesn’t think that TRACS is meaningless but rather considers TRACS accredited degrees equivalent to regional accreditation for teacher certification

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