West Virginia changing its name to ‘Northwest Virginia’


Saying it wants a name that better geographically reflects its name, the state of West Virginia will soon change its name.

Say goodbye to West Virginia, and hello to Northwest Virginia.

“It’s been long known that Virginia, of which West Virginia used to be a part, is actually further west than West Virginia, so we’ve felt for sometime the name ‘West Virginia’ was very misleading,” said West Virginia governor Joe Manchin. “Besides, if you put our states together, you’ll see that ‘West Virginia’ is in the northwest sector of Virginia and West Virginia.”

Manchin said other names considered included Virpennhio since Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio have in the past laid claim to West Virginia.

The change to Northwest Virginia will become effective in 2011.

The change raises a few questions: how will the state be abbreviated?

N.V. is already used by Nevada, while N.W. is used by the Canadian province Northwest Territories.

Some have suggested Nevada changing its abbreviation to N.A., while others feel Northwest Virginia should continue using the postal code W.V.

The plan has run into opposition in the Mountaineer State among many residents who wonder aloud whether the state has more pressing issues to deal with. Such as the plight of coal miners and poverty issues.

Others wonder how the new name would impact the puzzle logo used by the University of West Virginia, where the W fits atop the V.

“We could modify our current logo where the N fits atop the W, which, in turn, would remain fitted atop the V,” said WVU president James P. Clements.


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