Heart Tribute Band, ‘Gall Bladder’, to make debut


For Ann and Nancy Wilson, imitation appears to be the most sincerest form of flattery.

Describing itself as a tribute band of the seventies and eighties pop rock band “Heart”, a group of San Antonio-based friends have announced they are forming a Heart tribute band.

Identifying themselves as Mike J., Sammy K., Stacie Z., Sally L. and Billy R., the five singers will perform as a tribute band and sing such Heart classics as “Barracuda”, “Alone”, “These Dreams” and other songs.

Their name: Gall Bladder.

“I don’t know if we picked it because we were all high at the time, but it just sounded right,” said Sally L. “We’d heard this weird rumor that when Ann and Nancy Wilson first formed the band, they wanted to name it after an internal organ. They thought ‘Brain’ sounded too nerdy and that ‘Gall Bladder’ sounded to autopsyish. ‘Intestine’, of course, was out. They chose Heart instead. We think ‘Gall Bladder’ suits us well, since some will say we have a lot of ‘gall’ to try to duplicate Heart.”

Neither of the Wilson sisters could be reached for comment. They have been best known lately for publicly prohibiting John McCain’s failed presidential campaign from using the song “Barracuda” to introduce running mate Sarah Palin (who was nicknamed Sarah Barracuda in high school).


5 Responses to Heart Tribute Band, ‘Gall Bladder’, to make debut

  1. rick wod says:

    No one on the planet can sing like Ann Wilson, so good luck with that tribute band.

  2. corymccoy…

    […]Heart Tribute Band, ‘Gall Bladder’, to make debut « Ponderings from Pluto[…]…

  3. Ana Paula says:

    They´re amazing! Pretty, pretty!

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