Kanye West has too much ‘sippy sippy’, unleashes disturbing details


An hour or so after embarrassing himself and Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards, Kanye West helped himself to too much cognac (or as he likes to call it, “sippy sippy”), and let out some disturbing details about himself.

In an exclusive interview with Ponderings from Pluto, West revealed the following:

“I’m a media whore. Period. This crashing Swift’s acceptance speech was all about marketing. Publicity. I don’t give a sh*t about Beyonce or her career–it was all about ME.”

“George Bush don’t care about nobody. Neither does Barack Obama. The only president who would care about anybody would be ME.”

“Why the f*ck is ‘cognac’ spelled k-o-g-n-a-k? Shouldn’t it be kone-yak?”

“Forget Elvis. Forget the Beatles. Forget everybody. I am the greatest entertainer in the world!”


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