Pleasure in torturing terrorists: a PFP commentary by C.F. Twob

By C.F. Twob

Columnist and founder of Ponderings From Pluto

This past weekend, I attended a flea market and was looking for some shirts to purchase for wearing around the house. A few caught my eye. They read: “Gun Control Means Using Both Hands”, “If Liberals Had Any Brains They’d Be Conservatives” and “Was Sean Penn Playing Jeff Spicoli or Is Jeff Spicoli Playing Sean Penn?”

And then there was one great one, one that’s funny, sarcastic and sends a great political message:

“I Love Torturing Terrorists”!

Isn’t that great? After all, people think waterboarding is torture (if only they ever read about what our men suffered in the Hanoi Hilton and what Chinese dissidents suffer in the Bamboo Gulags and what Cubans on Castro’s bad list suffer). But think about it: without torture, would we have all the leads we’ve had in the war on terror? Do you think Al Qaeda insurgents would give up their plans and their friends if we offered them all the virgins they could sleep with and all the cigarettes they could smoke?


Torturing terrorists helps us get information to keep this country safe, so, therefore, I love torturing terrorists!


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