PETA asks Laurence Fishburne to change surname to ‘FishFriend’

The new star of CSI has a surname that promotes “cruel and unusual punishment” towards fish.

That’s what the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have to say about Laurence Fishburne.

Laurence FishFriend?

“At PETA, we are all about protecting the rights of animals and trying to save them from cruel and unusual deaths,” said pop music star and PETA spokesperson Pink. “Mr. Fishburne’s name proves he is no friend whatsoever to animals. We suggest that he legally change his name to show he won’t tolerate the holocaust committed against animals for the sake of human gratification.”

PETA wants Fishburne to legally change his surname to FishFriend.

“We would like to see Mr. Fishburne change his name to, but we realize that might be a bit extreme,”¬†Pink added. “We hope he will show he’s a friend of fish.”

Fishburne’s agent did not return calls seeking comment.

One can conclude Pink won’t be visiting Red Lobster or Long John Silver’s anytime soon.


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