Phil ‘Lefty’ Mickelson caught playing golf right-handed

In a move that could possibly ruin his career, professional golfer Phil Mickelson has been caught doing something his fans and sponsors might find reprehensible.

Playing golf right-handed.

Mickelson is actually a natural righthander who plays golf left-handed.

Formerly southpaw golfer Phil Mickelson may end up being nicknamed “Sellout” instead of “Lefty”.

National Enquirer, Star and People magazine, along with celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, all claim to have video footage of Lefty taking swings right-handed. Mickelson can be seen driving, wedging, chipping and putting right-handed.

“How could he possibly do this?” asked one longtime left-handed fan. “I’ve always admired him for being a left-handed golfer in a mostly-righthanded sport, and now he’s betrayed us!”

Mickelson recently told Ponderings from Pluto’s C.F. Twob that he wanted to expand his game by playing golf from his natural side. Still, that isn’t setting well with his fans. Many are calling on boycotts of Mickelson while others believe sponsors should drop him. Barclays’ has already dropped him while Crowne Plaza and KPMG are considering doing so.

“Phil’s decision to betray his southpaw ways is a betrayal,” said People for the Equal Treatment of Lefthanders president Stanley Mills. “We’re issuing an ultimatum: return to southpaw golf or risk our wrath.

Mills said he would work feverishly to ensure that Mickelson lost all his sponsorship on the PGA tour, and that he fell into the same disgrace that Tiger Woods currently endures.

Mickelson has won The Masters tournament twice.


2 Responses to Phil ‘Lefty’ Mickelson caught playing golf right-handed

  1. […] because about 16 years ago, Lefty swung right — and doing so didn’t involve a 9-iron. Rather, Mickelson donated $705 to the campaign of the deeply conservative Hayworth, who was then […]

  2. Maggie Pridemore says:

    You call yourself a fan this is one mans life and career how dare the magazines an the American public issue such an ultimatum. Who do you think you are Stanley Mills? He has paid his dues and should be able to play HIS GAME the way he chooses. Those of us who are true fans will continue to support him LEFT OR RIGHT. There is something to be said about Phil Mickelson he is a true role model and sportsman to the game of golf. At least you don’t see him throwing clubs and tantrums on the course.

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