…Professional smoker Sean Penn cursing Michigan’s new anti-smoking law and vowing to never set foot in the Great Lakes State…”We’re the new Friday the 13th,Saw star Tobin Bell…Wil Wheaton lobbying producers of 24 to give him one scene where he lands a solid punch on Kiefer Sutherland’s character to avenge the torment Sutherland gave him while filming Stand By Me…Management at Saginaw, Mich.’s 96.1 WHNN wondering if in 2010, they should start playing Christmas music after the Fourth of July weekend. “Waiting until November’s really too late,” one person said…”You know, to be PERFECTLY honest, Seinfeld wasn’t really funny. At all. I don’t know how we stayed on the air for one season, let alone nine,” Jerry Seinfeld after having one round too many at a Manhattan bar…


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