Judge orders Kwame Kilpatrick to listen to ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’

Frustrated with disgraced former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s insistence he can only afford to pay six dollars a month in restitution to the Motor City despite a $120,000 per year salary, a federal judge has ordered the former mayor into financial counseling.

Now, Kilpatrick is being ordered to listen to The Dave Ramsey Show every day.

Ramsey is fond of saying “debt is dumb” on his show, along with preaching against the use of credit cards and leasing automobiles (which he calls “fleecing”).

Kilpatrick has been shown in recent final records to spend $782 on four separate car washes (including detailing), $2,676 on maid services and $485 at Chick-fil-A (a popular fast food chicken sandwich restaurant in Texas).

Prosecutors recently requesting in Detroit that Kilpatrick’s probation for obstruction of justice be revoked argue that he and his wife spent around $700,000 over a one-year period on lavish items while claiming they had no money left over to pay the million dollars in restitution Kilpatrick owes to the city.

With that, District Court judge Samuel Silverstein issued the following ruling:

“Kwame Kilpatrick has failed time and time again to live within his means. So instead of sending him to jail, where he already has been, I am ordering him to listen to the Dave Ramsey show. He will do this for a period of six months and will work on a budget to cut expenses and increase his restitution payments.”

The judge further added that if Kilpatrick fails to do this within six months, he’ll go to jail again and will have his wages garnished by 30 percent.

Kilpatrick will also be ordered to take notes on each show and submit them to his probation officer to prove he’s been listening. He will also have to call the show once a month.


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