ALMA Awards strips Charlie Sheen of ‘Two and a half Men’ Best Actor award

Sheen likely has this to say to ALMA: From my cold, dead hands!

Charlie Sheen’s problems continue, and this time he’s being asked to return an award.

The American Latino Media Arts Awards, back in 2003, awarded Sheen (real name: Carlos Irwin Estévez) with the Outstanding Male Performance in a Comedy Television Series for his role as the hard-drinking, womanizing jingle writer Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom Two and a half Men.

Now, ALMA wants the award back and is giving Sheen until February 6 to return the hardware.

“In light of his recent arrest regarding heavy drinking and allegedly assaulting his wife and treating her disrespectfully, we’ve come to conclude that Mr. Sheen hasn’t really been acting on Two and a half Men,” said ALMA Awards executive producer Janet Murguía in a statement. “Charlie Harper is actually Charlie Sheen. The pure essence of acting is to pretend to be somebody you’re not, and Sheen is proving to us that his on-screen character is merely an extension of who he is in real life.”

Sheen has four Emmy nominations for the 2.5 Men role along with two Golden Globe nominations. He has never won. One must assume that he’s never won for the exact same reasons ALMA wants their award back.

On Christmas day, Sheen was arrested following an alcohol-fueled argument with his wife, Brooke Mueller. She claims he assaulted her and held a knife to her throat, which Sheen denies. The actor also had a very stormy marriage with Denise Richards.

Ponderings From Pluto sincerely hopes Charlie (right) and Brooke (left) can work through their differences

Neither Sheen, nor his agent, could be reached for comment. He is currently taping the final episodes of the season.


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