Southwest Airlines flight makes emergency landing over in-flight Kevin Smith movie

Southwest’s decision to show a Kevin Smith movie as an in-flight film has resulted in one disgusted customer calling Smith “Silent Blob”.

As part of its plan to kiss and make up with film director Kevin Smith over Lard-Gate, Southwest Airlines agreed to allow some of the director/actor’s films to be showed as in-flight movies on some of its longer flights. The movies also came with extended previews of Smith’s new movie, Cop Out.

That experiment appears to have ended after only one flight.

On flight 2919 from San Antonio to Los Angeles, as Southwest first showed one of Smith’s movies, Dogma, things became very ugly:

“This movie [expletive]-ing sucks!”

“You’ve gotta be [expletive]-ing me! You expect me to watch this [expletive]?”

“This fat tube of lard can’t act or direct! I can’t believe Southwest Airlines kowtowed to him!”

“The only reason this piece of [expletive] lard-butt complained was to get more publicity for his new film!”

“Silent Bob? [Expletive!] His nickname should be ‘Silent Blob’!”

“I want my money back!”

“I’m never flying Southworst Airlines again!”

Those were some of the comments that resulted in the Southwest flight. The flight captain said passengers started screaming, throwing objects and stomping their feet, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Phoenix.

Among the many complaints about Dogma was that it was boring, stupid and a controversial film where, as film critic Michael Medved once said, “The controversy was far more interesting than the film itself.”

This past weekend, Smith had tried to board a Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank before being told he could not fly in the one seat available. Smith blogged and tweeted about his misadventure. Southwest had this to say in a statement.

After being questioned by police, one passenger on the flight suggested Smith’s movies were better to be viewed at 3 a.m. when a network is desperate to fill in airtime.

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