New will of Gary Coleman’s uncovered, leaves entire estate to Ponderings From Pluto

We at Ponderings From Pluto are currently at work trying to verify the authenticity of a recently-uncovered will of the late actor Gary Coleman.

According to this will, the dimunitive Diff’rent Strokes star left his entire estate to this blog.

The will, uncovered recently in a safe deposit box in a bank near Salt Lake City, reads in part: “I, Gary Coleman, being of sound mind, do hereby leave my entire estate, including assets, train collection, bank accounts, residuals from Diff’rent Strokes and any future earnings, to the blog Ponderings From Pluto.

“I leave no provisions to my parents, ex-wife, Shannon Price, or to any and all business managers. Especially to my ‘parents’, who’ve siphoned off more than enough money from me already.”

Those earnings also include residuals from Coleman’s infamous Cash Call commercials.

Coleman, prior to his death, was trademarking the phrase “Whatchoo talkin’ bout?!”, and he also noted in the will that he wished to bequeathed royalties from that to PFP also.

If this can be verified, it is difficult to tell when PFP would be able to collect the money or if it can: at least two other wills have surfaced, one by Price and one by a “mystery woman” who claims to have been Coleman’s girlfriend.

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