Ponderings From Pluto searches for lost story

Editor’s note: The other day, I pitched a story idea for this blog to my wife, Jennifer. She laughed heartily–a sign that I was onto something absolutely hilarious.

Now, the problem is, I can’t remember what idea I pitched to her.


My wife tells me she doesn’t remember the idea, a sure sign she’s holding it hostage unless I do something very special for her on our 13th wedding anniversary on June 30.

I do remember it didn’t have anything to do with Sean Penn (at least I’m pretty sure it didn’t although Jeff Spicoli and his half-baked political analysis is always great for a few laughs). I don’t think it had anything to do with President Barack Obama.

Stay tuned…

If you have Ponderings From Pluto’s idea and are holding it hostage, post your ransom note requirements here or e-mail them to ponderingsfrompluto@gmail.com.


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