Excerpts of Bush autobiography ‘Decision Points’ leaked to Ponderings From Pluto

Ponderings From Pluto has obtained an advance copy of former President George W. Bush’s eagerly-anticipated autobiogaphy Decision Points. The book will be released on November 9.

The book deals with Bush’s eight years as president as well as his earlier years growing up in West Texas and attending college at Yale University.

Bush declined PFP correspondent C.F. Twob’s request for an interview, saying he will soon be traveling around the country promoting his book and that he prefers his cell phone number to remain completely private. Bush did not respond to Twob’s request to do a phone interview from a phone booth.

Among the more interesting excerpts of Decision Points:

* During his sophomore year at Yale University, Bush’s “C” average prompted his parents, George H.W. and Barbara Bush, to consider having him transfer from Yale to Bee County College (now Coastal Bend College), a junior college near Beeville, Texas, in an effort to take easy classes and get his grades up to the upper-B range. Bush remembered his Dad prophetically joking with him: “You can’t expect to be President of the United States someday with a ‘C’ average!”  

* Bush’s favorite comedian is Frank Caliendo, and Bush once laughed so hard at Caliendo’s Bush impersonation that former First Lady Laura Bush was worried her husband would develop a hernia;

* He often referred to Al Gore as “Al Snore” and called Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth documentary the perfect cure for insomnia;

* To better develop his accent, Bush spent five years as a teenager and young adult shedding his Connecticut accent and developing his West Texas twang;

* Last year, Bush secretly invited longtime Oprah Winfrey boyfriend Stedman Graham to his Crawford, Texas ranch. Graham confided in Bush and he (Stedman) and Oprah had a huge fight in 2007 when he admitted to her his darkest secret–that he voted for President Bush. Twice.

* Concerned about the health of vice president Dick Cheney, Bush unsuccessfully tried to recruit Chuck Norris to be his running mate in the 2004 elections. Norris also declined Bush’s request to run for president in 2008;

* He and Laura discovered in 2006 that the columns of frequent Bush critic Molly Ivins and copies of The New York Times made the most effective housebreaking tools for their dogs.

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