FOX to debut new reality show in 2011: ‘Yesterday’s Stars’

Ever wonder how “yesterday’s stars” like Miss Cleo and Andrew Dice Clay cope with not being famous anymore and what it’s like when they realize their dream is over?

If so, you’ll receive your answer when FOX in 2011 unleashes its newest reality show Yesterday’s Stars.

This program will feature Miss Cleo and Clay, along with Marc Price (“Skippy” on Family Ties) and Peter Scolari (Bosom Buddies and then Newhart) as they cope with the reality that they are not even D-List famous anymore and that it’s time to stick a fork in their entertainment careers, return home and get nine-to-five jobs.

Miss Cleo, born Youree Dell Harris in California, passed herself off as a Caribbean shaman before she was proven to be a fraud.

Youree Harris, a.k.a., “Miss Cleo”, in happier times when she didn’t care that her left earring was missing.

Clay, who famously sold out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row as a successful, raunchy comedian, has been rumored to be managing gyms.

CAUTION: extreme profanity

Scolari co-starred on Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks, but unlike Hanks, Scolari’s career never seemed to take off.

One unconfirmed report said he was working the drive-thru at a Los Angeles-area In-and-Out fast food restaurant. As for Price, he had been doing community theater after several futile attempts at a guest spot on Spin City when Family Ties alumnus Michael J. Fox was on the show.

According to executive producer Simon Cowell, the format of Yesterday’s Stars will include:

* An intervention in which the celebrity must come to grips with not being famous or wealthy anymore

* Classes on balancing your checkbook, buying your own groceries and paying for your own meals at restaurants

* What to do when you no longer can afford an entourage or even to hire one single personal assistant

* Developing interpersonal skills necessary for negotiating with telephone and utility companies when your bills are past due and they threaten to disconnect your service, or when you have to talk to your landlord or landlady and explain to them your rent will be late

* Shopping at Walmart, Costco and even at Dollar Tree and, if necessary, rummage sales and Goodwill

* Handling anxiety attacks when nobody recognizes you anymore.

“It was pretty humiliating the first week,” Scolari recalled, joking that he hopes this show will, ironically, give his career a boost. “This is my last resort: I had wanted to be cast as Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds since Tarantino is famous for jump-starting acting careers, but he told me I wasn’t right for that part, or for the part of Aldo Raines, Dieter Hellstrom, the part Austin Powers [Mike Myers] got, the part of Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler or even of Shoshanna.”

Shoshanna Dreyfus, the French Jewess who passes herself off as Gentile Frenchwoman Emanuelle Mimieux?

“Yep,” Scolari replied. “I had plenty of experience as a man passing himself off as a woman on Bosom Buddies, so I thought it would work.”

Ponderings From Pluto’sC.F. Twob reported that the intervention scene with Andrew Dice Clay (real name: Andrew Silverstein) was particularly ugly since Clay still insists he’s never set foot inside a Gold’s Gym, much less managed one.

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