Dr. James Dobson announces candidacy for president

March 21, 2008

By C.F. Twob
PFP staff writer

Dr. James Dobson, former president of Focus on the Family, announced today that he is running for president.

Dr. Dobson, who emphasized that his campaign is as an individual and is not affiliated with the non-profit Focus on the Family, plans to run on the newly-formed Conservative Party ticket. Dobson has not announced who his running mate will be, but rumors abound: Mike Huckabee, Chuck Swindoll and Joel Osteen.

“I am running because I am not a Democrat, and I feel that the Republican party for too long has taken conservative Christians for granted,” Dr. Dobson said to Ponderings from Pluto in an exclusive interview. “Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would take the country in the wrong direction, and I think John McCain is simply too liberal.”

Is Dr. Dobson afraid that his campaign could siphon Christians away from the GOP vote and allow the liberal Clinton or Obama into office?

“I view that as collateral damage that’s designed to make this country wake up and return to its conservative roots,” Dr. Dobson said. “Sometimes we have take five steps backward to go a step forward, and perhaps it’s best for this nation that we leave it in the hands—for four years—of a godless, amoral, liberal president.”

The doctor emphasized again that his campaign was in no way affiliated with Focus on the Family.