Anti-gay church leader says Pearl Harbor attack also God’s judgment on gay tolerance

October 12, 2010

Fred Phelps, who pastors Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., now believes God’s judgment for America doesn’t only apply to current service members being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also to past wars.

Some refer to Phelps’ church as Watercloset “Baptist Church”, arguing it is neither Baptist nor a church.

Phelps, 97 years old and the father of 17 children, explained that God in His foreknowledge knew that homosexuals like Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. would eventually serve in World War II, so as punishment He allowed thousands of service members to not only die during Japan’s Kamikaze attack on Pearl Harbor, but He also prevented the U.S. Navy from thwarting it.

Scherer, who served as an aircraft mechanic in the Navy, would later become an actor better known as Rock Hudson. He eventually was outed as a homosexual and died of AIDS in 1985.

“I also believe that the reason so many Union soldiers died during the Civil War was because Walt Whitman, an openly gay queer, served as a nurse in the war when he wasn’t writing sissy poems,” Phelps added. “What kind of a stupid name is Leaves of Grass, anyway? It don’t even make any sense! And I’m sure that there were even a few faggots who slipped through the Puritan cracks during the Colonial times, and that’s why Americans died during the Revolutionary War.”

Fred Phelps believes Liberace (above) was responsible for the deaths of service members in Korea and Vietnam.

The Westboro pastor added that Korean and Vietnam War service members also probably died due to the public’s tolerance of flamboyant pianist Liberace–even though Liberace (who died of AIDS in 1987) never publicly acknowledged his homosexuality and had even successfully sued a tabloid for claiming he was gay. Phelps referred to Liberace as a “sissy pianist”.

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