Indianapolis stores to start selling ‘Peyton Manning Slump Awareness’ ribbons and wristbands

December 8, 2010

Throughout the years we’ve seen many awareness ribbons.

Red ribbons for AIDS awareness.

Pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.

Blue ribbons for prostate and colon cancer awareness.

There have also been rubber wristbands for autism, ADHD, cancer, domestic violence and other things to be aware about.

Years ago on his talk show, Rush Limbaugh even facetiously promoted a marbled green ribbon, fashioned after what looked like U.S. currency, to promote Federal Deficit Awareness.

And now in Indianapolis and in the rest of Indiana, Indianapolis Colts fans will soon be able to wear royal blue-and-white ribbons and rubber wristbands to promote a new form of awareness.

Peyton Manning Slump Awareness.

The quarterback, considered one of the most intelligent to ever play the game due to his bizarre audible calls that only his offensive line seems to understand and due to his penchant for doing recreational calculus on the sidelines when the Colts are comfortably in the lead, has been mired in a slump. In a recent game against the Dallas Cowboys, he threw four interceptions. The last one set up Dallas’ game-winning field goal in overtime. He also threw four interceptions the week before against the San Diego Chargers and three against the hated New England Patriots. He has thrown 11 interceptions in his last three games after having thrown just two in his first seven. The Colts are 6-6 on the season.

Peyton Manning is playing so poorly, some might start confusing him with “Cryin'” Ryan Leaf.

“We are doing this as a way to help Peyton get out of his slump and to get the Colts back on the winning track,” said Jimmy Sanderson, an Indiana businessman who is financing the $25,000 venture to produce the ribbons and bands. “We want our old Peyton back, particularly from the year he and the Colts won the Super Bowl.”

The ribbons will, of course, be shaped like the Colts’ horseshoe logo.

The wristbands will be blue emblazoned with white horseshoes and alternating with Manning’s jersey number, 18.

Manning spoke to Ponderings From Pluto correspondent C.F. Twob and said he was “touched” by the gesture and even plans to have Sanderson manufacture him some special wristbands to further promote the awareness.

“It’s great to know the fans have my back and aren’t booing me or calling on me to be benched or traded,” Manning said. “I hope this slump ends soon–especially with the off-season contract negotiations I’m facing.”

Sanderson added that once the manufacturing costs are paid, all proceeds from the Manning Slump Awareness campaign will to the quarterback’s favorite charities.

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