People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants plan Washington D.C. protest

April 19, 2013

Saying they refuse to be silenced any longer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants is planning a Fourth of July march on Washington, D.C.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants, or PETP, wants to promote its message that slaughtering plants for the purpose of eating them is selfish, cruel and murder.

“Plants have feelings also, and someday we expect agriculturalists and horticulturalists to finally discover this,” said Jake Rivers, who heads the organization.

Rivers is organizing the march on Washington to protest against consumption of onions, radishes, carrots, potatoes and any other fruits or vegetables where the plant must be pulled from the ground.

“People talk all the time about cows, pigs, fish, chickens and other animals slaughtered for consumption, but what about the plants? I mean, what right do we have as human beings to decide that a potato or onion no longer has the right to life?”

All members of PETP are already vegans, meaning they consume no animal products. Rivers admits that swearing off many plant products (he refuses to eat any wheat products, since the plant must be pulled up from the ground) leaves very few food choices. He lives mostly on dietary supplements and fruit juices.

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Chicago White Sox announce name change, to be known as ‘Chicago Sox’

April 10, 2013

Saying they have decided to shed an archaic name and move forward into the future, the Chicago White Sox announced they have successfully petitioned Major League Baseball for a name change.

Effective in the 2014 MLB season, the Chicago White Sox will drop the “White” and will become known as the Chicago Sox.

current white sox logo

The current Chicago White Sox logo. As you can tell, it has very little “white” in it.

“For us, ‘White Sox’ is an outdated nickname since we no longer wear white socks,” said team owner Jerry Reinsdorf. “It has been many decades since we last wore white stirrups, and we feel it’s time for a name that is more indicative of who we are now.”

Players today generally wear their pants down to their shoes with no socks showing. The White Sox’ uniform is designed where the socks underneath are black.

The White Sox’ current team colors are black, silver and white. In the past they have worn different shades of blue along with red. Their current logo, which adorns their caps and their home jerseys, is the word Sox in diagonal Old English script. They last wore white socks back in the 1970s when they wore throwback uniforms designed to emulate late 19th century/early 20th century baseball.


The last time the White Sox actually wore white sox…


1917 white sox logo


This was the White Sox logo back in the days of Eddie Cicotte and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

The team has long had the “Sox” logo in various forms. In 1919, for example, it was the letter S with an “O” on the top loop and an “X” in the bottom loop. Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, it was the a horizontal SOX log on their cap and then on their jerseys.

Most Chicago White Sox fans say that as long as they defeat north side rival Chicago Cubs, they will be happy with the name change.

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