Michael Moore caught trying to defect back to America from Cuba

September 16, 2008

By C.F. Twob

Publisher, Ponderings from Pluto

A makeshift boat made its way to the Florida’s Key West from Cuba, and one of the saltwater-drenched members of the boat was identified by identification papers as Miguel Francisco Moreno De La Ciudad De Las Banderas.

Moreno is perhaps better known by his American birth name: Michael Francis Moore.

As reported previously on Ponderings from Pluto, Moore had earlier this year announced his defection to Cuba and his renouncement of his American citizenship. It now appears, though, that Moore wishes to return back to America.

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard are said to have deliberately allowed Moore and his crew members to take advantage of the “Wet Feet, Dry Feet” policy. “We were too driven by curiosity to see if Moore would be allowed back into America and what his thoughts were of living in Cuba,” said a Coast Guard member, who asked not to be identified.

The Bush Administration has not stated yet whether or not it’ll allow Moore back into his home country.


Paris Hilton caught in sex scandal at a Motel 6

September 14, 2008
Hilton apparently likes to stay in economy hotels.
Hilton apparently likes to stay in economy hotels.

By C.F. Twob

Ponderings from Pluto publisher

Once again, Paris Hilton has been caught in a sex scandal. No, this scandal wasn’t videotaped for the whole world to see Hilton in her au naturel state, but even worse, tongues are wagging about where the scandal took place.

Paparazzi caught Hilton sneaking out of a hotel room with what appeared to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

The name of the hotel?

Motel 6.

Hilton declined comment, but sources say that Hilton was looking for a place for a quick rendezvous. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Hilton Hotel in sight. Out of desperation, Hilton and her boyfriend checked into a Motel 6. The motel logs indicate that Hilton checked in under the name “Paige Edwards”, the name of her character in the 2005 film House of Wax.

Paris’ parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, released this statement exclusively to Ponderings from Pluto: “Obviously, we are deeply disappointed in our daughter’s private life indescretions being made public. Honestly, of all the places to go, Motel 6?!”

Motel 6 prides itself on “clean, comfortable rooms” and “leaving the light on” for its customers. It’s not known if Paris took advantage of this convenience.

 Motel 6's promise to "Leave the light on for you" extends to rich heiresses.